Trinity Term 2015 News

Women’s Captain’s Report:

Hilary term was quite a challenging one for college rowing in general but with Torpids just around the corner, SCWBC did not let unfavourable odds get in their way!

The weather conditions showed no mercy to crews trying to train for Torpids and the term was high jacked by numerous amber and blue flags. This limited water time unfortunately meant that W2 was not ready in time to race in Torpids and so we faced the difficult decision of having to scratch them from the race. W1 on the other hand were lucky to get enough water sessions in and so were present at their bung line on the first day of Torpids.

For many of the rowers and the cox racing in Torpids this year, it would also be their last time bumps racing for SCWBC. The athletes in question were Jenny Allan, Anna Clark, Anna Baird, Olivia Murray and Caitlin Evans (former women’s captain and current boatclub president).
The first day of Torpids started off with a bang with a bump on Jesus. The rest of the event was bitter sweet for SCWBC. We may have bumped in spirit everyday but unfortunately the second day bump on St. Catherine’s was not valid since we were later to learn that they were a non-racing crew at the time of the bump.
W1 still fought there way up division 2 by three places. As always, SCWBC showed up everyday ready to smash and dominate with strong starts and powerful strokes, led by Olivia’s encouraging and empowering coxing.

Therefore I’d like to give a massive thank you to all the departing rowers and cox who gave so much to SCBC and especially Caitlin who did an incredible job in leading the team both last year as captain and this year as president. We wish them all the best of luck for their exams and hopefully we will see them down at the boathouse for support on the last day of Summer VIIIs.

The season ended with a bang with SCWBC travelling to the tideway for Women’s Head of the River Race, coxed by Mike Landers who was a former SCBC coach. This was the first time back to WEHoRR for Somerville women since 1996! We completed the course in 21:59, climbing 13 places from our starting position and it was an overall incredible experience.

Trinity term is now well underway with both W1 and W2 getting ready for Summer VIIIs ahead. We hope to see you all very soon by the Isis to cheer us on!!

Nina Faure-Beaulieu, Women’s Captain 2015-16

Men’s Captain’s Report:


With M1 looking to build on a successful 4s campaign at Autumn 4s and Fairbairns, Torpids was the first opportunity to see the progress that the eight has made this year. Racing the course seven times, M1 achieved 5 row-overs, 1 bump over Queen’s M1 and bumped once by a Keble. This is has been a massive improvement over the spoons of Summer Eights, and we are very excited by what this crew will achieve in Summer Eights.


Somerville competed in HORR for the first time ever, and we would like to thank Mike Landers for making this possible! Unfortunately equipment failure meant a long row back in sixes, but the experience has laid the groundwork for growing the men’s boat club beyond our home on the Isis.

Trinity Term 2016

With Summer Eights just 3 weeks away, M1 and M2 are both developing nicely, and both boats will be looking to produce good results in the regatta. We look forward to seeing you at the Isis on Saturday 28th!

Tom Udale, Men’s Captain 2015-16