Michaelmas Term 2015 News

Men’s Captain’s Report: 

In Michlaemas Term, Somerville men recruited around 16 novices into the squad, a vast improvement on last year! They have all taken to rowing like the proverbial ducks, culminating in a successful Christchurch campaign reaching the quarter finals, and the second boat winning a decisive victory on the second day. The novices have all shown great potential and we can’t wait to see what they can do in Torpids!
Autumn Fours

M4+ first win of the season!
M4+ first win of the season!

Our top men’s four of Rafa Baptista, Rowan Nicholls, Ed Moss and Michael Hutcheon coxed by Sowon Lee took part in Autumn 4’s where they defeated Oriel in the first round, before being knocked out by Merton. This was an impressive display of the potential of M1 and bodes very well for the coming regattas.
At the end of the term, we sent a 4 to Cambridge to take part in the famous head race. We achieved 11th out of 28 men’s 4’s which was an excellent achievement for a scratch crew, and was a good test over a course double the length any of us had rowed in Michaelmas.
Somerville avoided the red flags haunting the Isis in January, journeying over the water to Lake Blessington, Ireland. With a stretch of water 13km in length, we had no problems getting some serious mileage in. It was great to see novices and experienced rowers alike come together to experience the chilly calm of the lake, and has prepared us well for a busy term, dusting off the Christmas cobwebs.
Hilary Term 2016
In Hilary we begin the time-pressured process of preparing for Torpids. With M2 back on track for a successful campaign an M1 having already produced some wins this year, I am very excited to see what the squad can produce! Bring on the bumps. Post-Torpids, M1 will be heading to Head of the River Race, a great step for Somerville men’s into the most prestigious head race in the UK. This is the first British Rowing regatta that many of our rowers will have competed in, and represents the culmination of two and a half years of college rowing. We hope to see you in Putney on the 19th March!

 Tom Udale, Men’s Captain, 2015-16

Women’s Captain’s Report:

Michaelmas was far from being a quiet term for SCBC. As with everything in Oxford, these first 8 weeks were very fast paced and the club certainly kept up with the rate, both on the water and on the ergs!

In the first few weeks we focused on getting all our novices on the water and we could not have asked for a more enthusiastic group. Meanwhile our experienced crews were rowing together in a W1/2 mixed boat and managed a lot of time on the water too thanks to our racking at Godstow. Both crews trained incredibly hard and we managed to fit in 3 regattas for our experienced girls and the of course long-awaited Christ Church was a big success for our novices.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 20.35.02Novices

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 20.35.02
We would like to thank our novices this term for being as committed and enthusiastic about everything. Some if not most of them had never rowed before but they all worked hard and showed amazing progress. They committed t
o many early morning outings, which are always a struggle the first few times, and few more after that, and a few more, but they were all there and happy to get on the water – at least it looked like it from the many sunrise selfies to follow on facebook later on in the day! Christ Church was a huge success as always with the war paint game strong, and our novices progressing to the second round! They showed an impressive performance, which is promising for Torpids coming up next term.



Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 20.35.02

Meanwhile our experienced crews were not taking the term off, in fact far from it. With racking at Godstow, they were getting as much time on the water, which is often a struggle for Michaelmas Term. But we all cycled the 5k to Godstow and had some really good water time there. With horses on the bank and our coach Tom in a launch behind us it felt a lot like a scene from the emotional rollercoaster that is the biopic True Blue.


The start of the racing season was kicked off with a four entered in IWL A followed by another four entered for autumn fours. We did well in both and it was a great opportunity for some who had never rowed in a four before, let alone race in one!


Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 20.28.23

IWL A– Jenny Allan, Caitlin Evans, cox: Oliver Starkey, Nina Faure Beaulieu, and Inês Sá Pereira


Autumn Fours– Nina Faure Beaulieu, Anna Clark, Tom Godleman, Milly Horvath, Frances O’Morchoe and our cox: Olivia Murray

The season ended for both a women’s VIII and men’s IV at an external headrace with the dark side (Cambridge). We took a women’s eight to Fairburn’s Cup and were the only Oxford’s women crews to make

the journey to Cambridge’s equivalent of Christ Church regatta. This was a tough and long 4.3K headrace. Both men and women however did incredibly well in the very windy river Cam and we managed to show Cambridge what SCBC is made of!

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 20.25.24

(From Oliver Starkey (cox) going clockwise: Jenny Allan, Kate Millar, Frances O’Morchoe, Caitlin Evans, Anna Baird, Gemma Seabright, Juliette Perry and Nina Faure Beaulieu)

Finally, the year ended in a bang with a first for SCBC: an international training camp to Ireland. A report and pictures from the camp will follow later on in the term. Hilary term is looking to be a very exciting one! Torpids is coming up and hopefully we can do as successfully as did our W2 last year and get both Evenlode and Oliver Starkey bumping as many colleges as possible!

Be sure to watch out for where SCBC goes next on our Facebook page and website. Happy New Year!!!

– Nina Faure Beaulieu and Joanna Kaye, Women’s Captain and Vice-Captain, 2015-16