Trinity Term 2015 News

2015 has proved to be an active and ambitious year for Somerville, including our successful crowdfunding campaign for a new W1, blades for W2, and the first W3 for many years. Additionally, the launch of the 2021 fund is something we are very excited to share with all of our supporters. The big news this term is, of course, Summer Eights, where our crews were put to the test after many months of training. This resulted in some great rowing, which we are looking forward to building on next year! Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see even more alumni and friends at Boat Club events in 2016.

Anna Clark, SCBC Secretary 2015-2016

Women’s Captain’s Report:

After the astounding success of Hilary Term’s fundraising campaign, the women were excited to train in our newly refurbished boats. Training camp in -1st week started what was to be another successful term!


The pressure was on for W1 in Summer Eights this year to maintain their hard-earned position in Division 1. After an inauspicious start on Day 1 with multiple injuries and substitutions, the first boat’s hard work began to pay off. Unfazed by a bump by New College, they fought back hard to bump Oriel and row over for two days, maintaining their position in the top Division.

Crew: Bow Kate Millar, 2 Caitlin Evans, 3 Jenny Allan, 4 Joanna Kaye, 5 Anna Clark, 6 Anna Baird, 7, Isobel Johns, Stroke Amber De Vere, Cox Megan Wallace, Coach Nick Jennings



The second boat dominated the river again this term, qualifying in flying colours in Rowing On with the second fastest time. They showed their prowess, bumping three times and narrowly missing out on a second set of blades. This puts them in a great position to begin to move up from Division 5 to Division 4.

Crew: Bow Tzveti Tzonova, 2 Jessica Lau, 3 Pauline Chatelan, 4 Kate Bolton, 5 Ines Tavares Pinto Sa Pereira, 6 Kate Ross, 7 Imogen Morley, Stroke Milly Horvath, Cox Oliver Starkey, Coach Mike Landers



This year SCWBC had a third boat in Summer Eights for the first time since 2002. The crew, mainly girls who had picked up rowing just a few weeks before Rowing On qualified in a good time. They got spoons in Division 6 but showed grit and determination and did Somerville proud.

Crew: Bow Harriet Fry, 2 Amy Kidd, 3 Emma Beddall, 4 Harriet Dixon, 5 Lara Chittick, 6 Helen Ryan, Leonie Hoffman 7,Felicity Blackburn, Hannah Sharpe, Stroke Beth McMillan, Amy Fairchild, Cox Sarah Bridge

– The 2014-2015 Women’s Captains: Sarah Bridge, Caitlin Evans & Anna Clark

Men’s Captain’s Report:

After leaving last year’s Summer Eights with spoons, and very few continuing rowers, the men’s side of the boat club faced a difficult task, taken on unflinchingly by captains Michael Hutcheon and Matt Kerr.

However, there was further misfortune this term with injury and exams leading to just one experienced rower available to row in M1. Nevertheless, the squad put in a lot of work over the course of Trinity term, hoping to reverse their fortunes.


Four days of intense and committed rowing unfortunately culminated in spoons, despite making it past supporters at Univ boathouse and to within 20 strokes of the finish and a row-over on Saturday. Despite this, it was an admirable achievement for our majority novice crew tmeno hold off more experienced neighbouring crews for longer than expected each day.

I would like to thank our coach Will Hall and our cox Lexie Joon, both of whom were very patient with us and helped to turn us
into a vaguely race ready crew. We have a strong contingent of rowers continuing next year, where we will expect to improve on all fronts, taking our experience from this year towards some bumps for M1 and M2 in Torpids and Summer Eights 2016!

M1 Crew: Bow Martin Vesely, 2 Jonathan Crossely, 3 Tomas Dillon, 4 Jakob Kastelic, 5 Tom Udale, 6 Will Barrott, 7 Scott Benetton, Stroke Michael Hutcheon, Cox Lexie Joon, Coach Will Hall

– Tom Udale, Incoming Men’s Captain, 2015-2016